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The emperor ruled- privacy agreement statement

This user registration service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "The agreement") is an agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as "The user") and The emperor Lord from heaven game developer for The products and services provided by it and/or its affiliates.

To protect The rights and interests of users, please read this agreement carefully before registering The products and services provided by The emperor ruled from heaven.If The user to enter The emperor ruled The from heaven The user registration page of The game, confirm that I have read and agree to The terms and conditions of this agreement and complete The registration, or by any other way to obtain and use The emperor ruled The from heaven games provides The products and services, is regarded as The user has read The contents of this agreement and agree to abide by The stipulations of The this agreement.Users shall no longer refuse to perform this agreement on the ground that they do not understand the contents of this agreement.

In addition to this service agreement, you should also read and accept the "notes for uploading", "notes for Posting" and "copyright notice" which are integral parts of this agreement.

The emperor ruled from heaven game service content

1. The emperor ruled from heaven can enter The game ranking list for other players to check

2. The emperor ruled from heaven may charge some users for providing products and services.In this case, the relevant page will have a clear message.If the user does not agree to pay such fees, the user may choose not to accept the corresponding products and services.

3. The emperor ruled The from heaven The game through The server equipment connected to The Internet to provide users with products and services, in addition to equipment related to The products and services (such as computers, modems and other associated with access to The Internet device) and The costs of (such as networking fee and pay for access to The Internet) shall be borne by users.

4. The user shall accept the products and services using the genuine software, and the software fees shall be borne by the user.

In addition to the above use, no third party will have access to the data.